Best Electronic Keyboards for Beginners in 2020

Last updated on April 21st, 2020 at 07:18 pm

In this period, there are numerous options available there when one talks about the best beginners’ keyboards and digital pianos in 2020.


Selecting the right instrument from the catalog is crucial as a beginner because it may help develop your skills further or hinder your progress becoming a pro. 


Before buying, you need to figure out how many keys you need and the features you are looking for in your Best digital piano and best electronic Keyboard and finding out that one best beginner digital piano and Keyboard is going to be tough.


This article will provide you all the essential information that will surely help you decide to choose your first digital piano or Keyboard.

Our Top-Rated Best Piano Keyboards for Beginners


  • Affordable
  • Educational Features
  • USB Connectivity
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  • Versatility
  • Portable
  • Chordana App
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  • Ivory feel Keys
  • Loop Mix function
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
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  • Simple layout
  • Stylish features
  • Input Jack
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  • Realistic feel
  • USB Connectivity
  • Portable
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  • 17 track sequencer
  • 32 Channel Mixer
  • 9 Sliders
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  • Touch Responsive
  • MIDI Connectivity
  • Duo Mode
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  • Touch Sensitive
  • Educational Suite
  • Portable
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  • Lightweight
  • Inbuilt Lessons
  • App Integration
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  • MIDI Support
  • Soft Touch
  • SD Card Support
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1. Yamaha YPT-260 

Yamaha YPT-260 is an absolute one of the best beginners’ Keyboards. It is mainly designed for those who know nothing at all about playing. It will take you from scratch to becoming a pro.


YPT-260 has 61 velocity-sensitive keys with 32 polyphony notes, which is more than enough at the initial stage of learning.


Yamaha YPT-260 is equipped with 384 voices such as organs, orchestral, and pianos sounds, and additionally, it comes with 61 drum kits. 100 rhythms are also provided to help you play to convert your ideas into your own compositions.


YPT-260 is highly portable owing to its lightweight, is incredibly versatile with its features, and for beginner, it’s a model instrument to invent their talent of music.


Yamaha comes up in this model with wonderfully interactive touches with learning modules and tutorials from their devoted app. Most importantly, you will be able to split the Keyboard of similar ranges from the middle so that two persons (teacher and student) can play at the same time. 


Yamaha YPT-260 has provision for USB connectivity so you will be able to connect compatible devices. 


Compared with other best beginner keyboards in the same price range, it outperforms others. It is designed to take you from the very beginning to intermediate level and enjoy playing it. 


Yamaha YPT-260 is highly versatile, affordable, and portable. It will help you learn the necessary skills, and that’s why we recommend Yamaha YPT-260 is one of the best beginners’ keyboards when one is just getting started.

  • Low price.
  • Versatility, various voices and rhythms
  • Educational features – keyboard split
  • App lessons/tutorials.
  • USB connectivity
  • No touched sensitivity
  • Non-weighted keys

2. Casio CTK-3500

Casio is experts in the development of best beginners’ Keyboards, and Casio CTK-3500 is one of the perfect examples in the Casio domain. It has 48 polyphony notes and 61 velocity-sensitive keys.


It offers over 400 voices, 50 dance music rhythms, and 100 world rhythms, which is more than enough at the beginner level. Various learning features are kept in

Casio CTK-3500 to help you generate fundamental chords.


Inbuilt lessons to develop right- and left-hand techniques are provided in this beautiful Casio model. Additionally, it has a provision of USB connectivity, so you will be able to use smart devices with its own application named Chordana.


Casio CTK-3500 is one of the best entry-level keyboards for beginners, and it will help you get to the intermediate level of playing. It has various features with the quality of sound, by understanding those you can come up with your unique compositions.

  • Value for money.
  • Versatility, lots of voices, and rhythms.
  • Play-along songs with built-in lessons.
  • Very portable.
  • Lots of learning material via the Chordana Play app.
  • Sound quality is lower than some others on our list.

3. Roland GO: KEYS 

While Roland Go: Keys requires some extra money to buy it, actually it justifies with some extra-ordinary amazing features. It has 61 velocity-sensitive keys that have ivory feel that adds value in the professionalism of beginners.

Roland has provided 500 beautiful voices in the Go: Keys, and they are of incredibly high-quality.

Roland Go: Keys has provision for Bluetooth, so you will be able to connect your smart devices to stream your compositions or songs direct to the built-in speakers. Not only is this great for listening to music, but also you could jam to your favorite songs. There are also Roland’s interactive online tutorials and lessons available, which help you create your own songs.

The loop Mix function is one of the best features of Roland Go:Keys that most of the people around the world like, and this function really help beginners to structure their own compositions.

With the help of touchpads on the Keyboard, you will be able to change or alter the programmed notes in no time which

Using the keyboards touchpads, the programmed samples can be activated and modified just the way you like it in real-time, which is terrific production support as well as an incredible performance tool.

Roland Go:Keys is a perfect best keyboard for beginners interested not only in learning but also in writing and producing the songs. This Keyboard is relatively expensive than the others, but in return, what you get is totally justified in terms of quality of sound and professional features.

  • Ivory feel keys.
  • 500 high-quality voices.
  • Loop Mix function.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Very portable.
  • Interactive lessons available.
  • The price is slightly higher.

4. Korg EK-50 

Korg EK-50 is a seemingly costly Keyboard in this list and somehow questionable because it doesn’t justify features against other brands of the same calibre. However, its durability adds value for money.

For beginners, Korg EK-50 is perfect, but the sound quality and functionality are so good that you are not going to outgrow it as fast as the other players; it has over 702 voices, which is impressive for new learners.

Korg has included a great feature known as Styles, which is performance support. Through Styles, you will be able to identify and activate specific chord or even a single note accompaniment. It offers over 280 musical styles with more downloadable from Korg.

The cost of this Keyboard is justified in the long run. So, whether you invest your money for its durability or see how you develop your skills on lower-cost instruments. The decision is all yours. Apart from any money issues, Korg EK-50 is an excellent sounding Best Beginner Keyboard with an incredible feel.

  • Over 700 high-quality voices.
  • Simple layout
  • Styles feature.
  • Input jack for external devices.
  • A bit expensive
  • No USB connectivity.

5. Yamaha P-45

From Yamaha’s arsenal, P-45 is one of the best affordable digital keyboards for beginners that comes with an optional upright wooden stand and with fully weighted hammer action keys. It looks like a proper upright with a stand.

Among beginners, P-45 is becoming famous for its simplicity to learn and a justified cost. The main reasons for its popularity are the high quality and realism it shows.

The Yamaha P-45 comes with some beautiful changes after P-35, such as an amount of polyphony, a USB terminal, and improved Piano samples.

P-45 gives the feel of realism with 88 graded hammer-action keys and incredibly articulate with 64 polyphony notes.

This Keyboard piano is easy to navigate through and equipped with 10 voices, 10 tracks, and that’s what makes it sound great.

It has the same features as other Yamaha keyboards have. Dual split mode allows you to divide the Keyboard of equal ranges from the middle, which is useful for teacher and student.

P-45 has USB connectivity allow to have educational content such as tutorials and lessons from other sources. It enables you for further improvement in your compositions which you can make on your computer.

The most important thing is that it sounds like a piano and performs well. It helps beginners who study playing Keyboard, and that is the key goal of purchasing a piano or Best Beginner Keyboard.

You may have a look at more advanced keyboard or piano, check Best Digital Piano

  • Realistic feel.
  • Luxurious piano sound.
  • USB connectivity.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Portable if required.
  • Wooden stand costs extra.

6. Casio WK7600 PPK

Casio WK-7600 is an amazing Best Beginner keyboard Piano for someone who loves playing and trying different things. 820 tones are given in it, which is more than enough to keep you occupied for at least a year. It will be an outstanding addition to the home studio and inspires beginners to keep playing.

A sustain pedal is included in the package, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing it separately. This Keyboard is seemingly not built only for beginners who do not know to play it, but also for intermediate players.

Its an incredibly creative for the people who are just getting started in creating compositions and songs because not only is it equipped with MIDI connectivity so that you can further edit in your own computer, but also Casio WK-7600 has a 32-channel mixer along with a 17-track sequencer.

  • 76 keys
  • 820 tones and 260 rhythms
  • 17 track sequencer
  • 32 channel mixer with 9 sliders
  • Manual is not beginner-friendly

7. Yamaha PSR-EW300 Portable Keyboard

PSR range of keyboards from Yamaha is already recognized around the globe for various features they offer.

For beginners, there are certain models to suit them regardless of their skill level, from cheaper options to more like this, EW-300.

With 76 keys, they have a fantastic 574 voices, and they also offer Yamaha Learning Centre to help you learn how to play; most importantly, they help you at your convenience. It is known as the Yamaha Education Suite,

It plays the way a real piano does because of the velocity sensitivity it has, and it gives you the feel of acoustic piano keys.

It can also be connected to a laptop or computer and even compatible with music software. This way, you will be able to play your compositions and record them on your computer.

EW-300 comes with 12 types of reverb effects, which add different ambiance to sound and gives the feel as you play in a hall or stage.

By using these digital effects, you will be able to adjust the sound.

  • Quite affordable
  • Touch responsive Keyboard
  • Polyphony
  • MIDI Connectivity
  • Duo Mode feature
  • Digital effects
  • Complexity
  • Take time to learn

8. Yamaha YPT-360 Touch-Sensitive Keyboard

YPT-360 is an entry-level keyboard, and that’s why for the people who are just getting started in this field, it has everything they need and continue to create what they like.

Its features are more like an elite keyboard out there in the market. It gives astounding functionality and features even it has 61 keys and, most importantly, the touch-sensitive keys it has.

The player takes immense pleasure the way digital piano gives because it gives the same feeling when you press harder; it sounds harder.

Some educational lessons are built-in and help teach songs while playing the Keyboard.

574 voices and 150 arpeggio styles are provided within it so that new compositions can be created out of them.

YPT-360 is made compatible with USB and MIDI, so you can further edit your audio files on your laptop.

There are many things you’d like; that’s why we always recommend this model.

It is somehow a bit expensive than many other 61 key models, so I would only suggest when you are serious about playing Keyboard.

  • Very Affordable Price
  • 570+ Voices
  • 160+ Style
  • 150 Arpeggio types
  • Touch Sensitive Keys
  • Lightweight – 14.15 Lbs
  • Yamaha Educational Suite & App Connectivity
  • Compact and Portable to Play Anywhere
  • Nine-Step Lesson Function
  • Lack of Digital Connection Options
  • No MIDI File Capability On YPT 255 Only
  • The Keys Aren’t Weighted
  • No 88 Keys

9. Casio CTK-2550 Portable Keyboard

All-in-one Casio CTK-2550 is considered to be enough for a beginner to learn and play digital Keyboard and explore the globe of music.

In no time, you will be able to play entire songs you like with the help of built-in lessons, simple features, and functions available in this package.

It also has compatibility with the Chordana Play application for further exploration in musical genres. It’s a quick way to understand the music and begin your journey creating your compositions.

The CTK-2550 comes with a bundle of headphones and a stand, but it’s up to you whether you purchase with these items or without.

You will feel more like a producer when you will play with music around and experimenting and chopping up notes through Remix Mode. It gives you a sense of satisfaction.

It also had a dance mode feature with which you will be able to create few crazy compositions on which you can dance and get others to dance along too.

CTK-2550 is being given with unbelievable 400 tones built-in, so you can experiment with them all creating your own music.

This Keyboard offers excellent value for money and is proof that Casio still makes some awesome keyboards and digital pianos.

  • Compact, Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable
  • 400 built-in tones
  • 48 levels polyphony
  • Built-in lessons
  • App integration Chordana Play
  • Not supporting MIDI Recording
  • Keys are not touched responsive

10. RockJam RJ761 Electronic Piano Keyboard

This is also a beginner range keyboard that comes under $200, and you really get what you pay for. It’s a 61 key full-sized keyboard with adjustable stand, headphones, pedal, and a comfortable stool.

It also offers built-in learning lessons that will help learn the basics of playing notes and creating your own compositions.

It is backed by its very own application, which gives you feedback on how well you play. That’s why it provides an edge for the people who are just going to get started in music.

You can create a plethora of variations in your compositions with the help of 100 inbuilt tones.

It also has an inbuilt USB port so you can easily connect with your computer or laptop and MIDI connection and a standard 3.5mm jack as well. Your headphones, microphones, or an audio amplifier can also be connected through it.

There is also the provision of recording and playback settings in it. You can also build a layer on layers of the song. Using playback settings, you will be able to play it back, or you can have your songs on the computer for editing.

If you want your child to pursue and revive their passion, this Keyboard may be the best option available in the market because it is produced, keeping the children in mind.

  •      200 preset rhythms
  •      Built-in USB port
  •      SD card support
  •      Soft Touch
  •      MIDI Support
  •      Perfect for both beginner and intermediate learners
  •      non-weighted keys
  •      Non-lighted keys

11.  Joy JK-63M Electronic Piano Keyboard

Joy is still trying to make a name in the industry, but they have produced some best beginner keyboards in a budget.

Joy JK-63M comes with a complete set of accessories so your child can enjoy the full setup of the Keyboard right out of the box.

Joy JK-63 M is an incredible electronic keyboard with 61 keys, not full-sized keys. However, it gives plenty for beginners to begin their journey and excelling.

It’s quite affordable. This cheap piano gives you the experience of a traditional piano, with various functions.

The inbuilt LCD screen gives you a guide to create correct notes, which is suitable for the music aspirants. It comes with 50 demo songs and helps you get better control and tune-up with patterns.

An incredible music player and no. of rhythms and timbres are also given with this Keyboard. Besides, it gives you the keyboard percussion, master volume, and tempo control.

These features will help you enhance your performance and will get you to know everything about music. The padded headphone is provided to give you comfort while wearing it. You can use MP3 songs via a USB stick.

For beginners, it comes with everything you probably need, which makes it the best out there.

You don’t need to buy extra accessories because this Keyboard is sold as a bundle with a stand, stool, and power supply.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multifunctional LCD
  • 255 instrument tones
  • 255 rhythms
  • Powered with AC cord or 6AA batteries
  • Not rugged constructed
  • Inappropriate for the intermediate user

12. Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini Keyboard

For beginners, this mini Keyboard is smaller than other keyboards, but with 44 mini-sized keys and the features, options, and portability, this makes it the ultimate portable Keyboard.

It is an incredible option if you are going to get your kids engaging with music, but the small keys are inappropriate for most of the adults.

You can fit it anywhere you want, unlike a full-sized Keyboard. Casio has done everything to provide all the features in this mini instrument.

The upper part of the Keyboard is full of the shortcut numbers to the 10-song bank, 50 patterns, and 100 different tones.

Inbuilt 100 songs and 100 tones are provided with Casio SA-76 and used with percussion pads.

It is highly portable owing to its size and compactness; you will be able to take it out, and kids can also enjoy it playing in the car travelling.

As far as the price of this mini Casio is concerned, it is considerably affordable and easy to use for everyone. Thus, it is highly recommended for children who are just getting into it.

  • 44 mini-sized keys
  • 10-song bank, 50 patterns, and 100 tones
  • 5 drum pads
  • Very lightweight at 3.1lbs
  • Extremely affordable
  • Fun for kids and adults learning how to play
  • 8-note polyphony
  • No Casio power adapter
  • No MIDI features
  • No memory on the device

13. Hamzer 61-Key Digital Piano Keyboard

The Hamzer 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard is an incredible first level keyboard for beginners. They may advance their skills with various features. It’s a portable one you can take it anywhere with ease.

The Hamzer 61-key keyboard may find it similar in certain aspects to many low-budgeted 61-key options on the market.

It is worth buying if you need basic features for learning purposes. Learning mode is also featured in the Hamzer Keyboard, and you will be able to divide the Keyboard to practice with your teacher at the same time.

It comes with headphones and mic support, and there is provision for recording and play songs back, which adds value for practicing aspects.

The Hamzer is compact and lightweight. It works on standard power adapters and compatible with batteries as well.

Inbuilt digital effects like sustain and vibrato and 255 tones are given in the package.

The Hamzer keyboard is an astounding choice when you are looking for your first digital piano. This is the best beginner keyboard for everyone, from beginners to intermediate users, but you may need to upgrade when you reach more advanced levels.

  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • LCD display
  • 255 timbres and rhythms
  • Digital effects
  • Inappropriate for advance aspirants
  • Small in size.
  • No pedal

14. Plixio 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

There are many expensive high-end instruments in the market. However, some cheap affordable piano is also available. Plixio 61-Keys electronic keyboard is one of them.

Plixio 61-Key is incredibly lightweight and portable as well. You can take it with you anywhere you want, and wherever you are as the powered batter is given, and an adapter is also provided so you can charge them.

40-tones are given with keyboard piano, which is stunning for the beginners to start with.

For music sheets, there is also a built-in stand so that you don’t feel any neck strain to read notes.

No learning mode and touch sensitivity are offered in this cheap model. If you don’t need these features, you can give it a try.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 60 Demo Songs, 40 tones, and 100 Rhythms
  • 8 Percussions and 61 Keyboard Percussions
  • Interface with minimal buttons
  • Not full-size keys

15. Yamaha EZ-220 Portable Keyboard

Yamaha’s easiest learn to play instrument ever is EZ-220, which is an unbelievably lightweight, portable Keyboard. It is actually designed for the absolute beginner as it is equipped with lighted keys and a guide so that beginners may get to speed practising their compositions.

They utilize up-to-date technologies for learning the piano, and this bundle has everything you possibly need at the very beginning of your journey.

You can buy this Keyboard with accessories as a bundle or without it, depends on what you need. Accessories mean stand and headphones.

Inbuilt 100 songs of good quality of all time that help you along the way, and there is a free application that will help you learn in a flash. Package includes Yamaha education suite (Y.E.S) and chord dictionary, which is definitely absolute assets for the beginners out there.

You will be able to play with various sounds as it offers 392 different excellent tones.

It is a bit expensive, unlike other similar models in the market. However, it is worth buying, owing to its user-friendliness. As a matter of fact, the minor cons of this EZ-220 are far outweighed by its pros.


  •      The light-up keys
  •      Hundreds of sounds, preset songs
  •      Wireless connectivity
  •      Built-in USB port
  •      Weighs only 10 pounds
  •      non-weighted keys
  •      Loud background accompaniment
  •      No built-in recorder

16. Casio LK-190 Portable Keyboard

Casio is a well-known name in the music industry as they produce different variety, which most of the people who have a taste of music like them.

Casio LK-190 (61 Key) Portable Keyword is another addition in their list of products. This Keyboard serves various features, and one of them is the key lighting system, which makes it splendid for people to play, as it gives you a way to see ahead which note you should play.

It comes up with 400 high-quality tones, 60 built-in tunes, 100 built-in rhythms, built-in 2W + 2W speakers. And it has incredible digital effects.

The Casio LK-190 has much to offer and has similar features to rival the CTK-2550 as well as the same number of keys.

If you don’t try playing without help, you are more likely to get used to playing with guided key lights.

This Casio keyboard also gives you another advantage with the dance music mode so you can remix and play with sounds. This way, you can flourish your artistic skills.

You might be looking for cheap ones then check Best Cheap Keyboard Piano

  • Lightweight and compact
  • 400 tunes and 150 rhythms
  • Built-in speakers
  • No midi connection or USB connection

17. Yamaha PSR-F51 

Yamaha PSR-F51 is one of the cheapest beginner level keyboards. It’s an excellent option for a new learner with 61 keys and basic features.

In Yamaha PSR F51, 61 full-sized keys are fantastic for beginners to start and to develop their techniques of playing Keyboard.

It comes up with 120 different piano and other instrument sounds, and also 32 polyphony notes help you get to the advance levels. It detects inactivity and shuts down on its own, which saves energy.

Yamaha PSR F-51 can be powered for five hours through six AA batteries. It gives you complete control of chord alteration while performance through Accompaniment Styles Yamaha offers.

You can practice playing Yamaha PSR F-51 with your partner with the help of Duo mode, which divides the Keyboard from the middle of equal ranges. This feature is terrific for beginners.

Yamaha PSR F-51 provides over 100 rhythms. For new learners, the quality of sound is pretty decent for a novice, and it does the job well without being too flashy.

The PSR, which is a simple best beginner keyboard, is not surprising, but it does the job well at a very low cost. You are not going to waste too much money if you unexpectedly conclude the Keyboard is not for you.

If you think you need a better alternative, you can purchase another model as per your requirements. This is a legitimate choice for a complete beginner as it is not going to cost a lot.

  • Lots of voices and rhythms.
  • Meagre price.
  • Very portable.
  • Good quality sound.
  • Minimal functionality.
  • Fast learners will outgrow it quickly.

Best Beginner Piano Keyboard Buyers Guide

Everybody should have the best beginner keyboard in their home. Do you agree with this statement? We are almost certain you do after a brief glance at these magnificent musical instruments. This article has everything you need while choosing one. However, you may think to try some best beginner keyboards out before you decide to purchase, I recommend you to visit a famous instrument shop nearby and try some.

For beginners, it’s very likely that you don’t know to play yet; the staff out there may play few tones for you so that you can decide on how that Keyboard sounds better than others. You can probably find one or two favourites of different styles.

It would be great to know a few brands and models beforehand you visit a music store and try various best beginner Keyboards out. The brands and models you are having an interest in, limit those down, there will be great fun choosing from.

Things to Look for When You Buying the Best Beginner Keyboard

One thing that is recommended before you purchase a best Keyboard is how many keys you want in your Keyboard. It depends primarily on users’ skills. As an exemplification, you may not need all keys to play specific songs. The number of keys depends on the genres you are particularly interested in playing.

If you like to play classical music as well as pop and rock, then you have to find a keyboard with many keys as much as you could find. A normal piano has 88 keys, but most musicians once in a while utilize the highest and the lowest keys. It is the fact that most of the keyboards have smaller keys which are not generally weighted. It might not be satisfying when you are going to play classical genre music.

You also need to consider about sounds that how many sounds you require in your Keyboard. In our list, there are most keyboards have a few hundred, which is more than enough—however, its good to find the exactly what you want.

We suggest you don’t need to be worried about which Keyboard has particular features such as inbuilt lessons, lighted keys, etc. Even though these features are amazing and may help your kids’ performance, it’s genuinely a limited way of getting know about playing, and the fun may last only for a week. There are many channels on Youtube, you can watch them and learn how to play, and it may be cost-effective, does not put any strain on your pocket hiring a tutor.

What is the Best Keyboard for a Beginner?

All our listed keyboards are extraordinary. It’s difficult to answer which one is best for you; it depends on one’s needs and wants. You can follow our reviews and watch on Youtube; you will be able to figure out which one works for you.

What type of Instrument Is a Keyboard Piano?

Most people confuse between piano and Keyboard. They seem to be eager to know about the difference between them. To answer it, a digital piano has fewer sounds compared to a keyboard, and the Keyboard is perfect for pop and rock as you need various sounds in this genre. A digital piano is an apparently convenient instrument to have it at home than a heavy keyboard.

How many Keys on a Piano Keyboard?

A regular keyboard may have 88 keys. However, it depends on what you need and interest.

Should I Buy A Touch Sensitive Keyboard as a Beginner?

We need to know first what it means to have touch-sensitive keys in Keyboard. It means the Keyboard has a sensor to sense how hard you press, the harder you play, the louder the sound, the way real piano does. This is not a necessary feature you need as a beginner, but it depends on affordability. It may enhance your music.

Should I Go for A Full-Sized Piano?

If you need a Keyboard for pop, rock, and similar genres, you don’t need a full-sized keyboard.

How Much Should I Spend on my First Keyboard/Piano?

This is a very crucial topic and hard to answer. It depends on your pocket, and people say; the more you play, the better you get in return.

As a beginner, it’s not that simple because you are likely to have no idea about how you will proceed and even continue it for a more extended period.

So, when you are allocating your budget for it, consider how much you are serious about it, and you think you stick with it for a more extended period.

The most crucial thing is having an instrument that will develop your skills and help you become a professional musician. However, it’s not necessary to overspend. What if you have to give up for some valid reasons, and you don’t want to continue any longer with an extremely expensive keyboard or piano.

Expensive Keyboard or piano is more likely to have complex features that are not beginner-friendly, then it may create hindrance in your learning and may prove detrimental.

These figures can be useful as a guide:

Beginner Keyboard: $100 – $500

Beginner Digital Piano: $300 – $900


There are various choices included in our list, but it’s really significant you should try different models and brands. It depends on one’s style like few people recommend a Korg keyboard sound over a Yamaha brand sound etc. so one must research before you go to buy.

The best beginner keyboard will be ultimately the one that suits your style and help you get the most out of you. So, take this article for a guide but don’t presume our number one will be the best for you, and you may find the right instrument as per your style somewhere else. It cant be done unless you use it.


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